Saturday, July 14, 2012


Spider-Doodles by Switt!

So , this week is Spider-Man eh? Well yes I did see the movie. I thought it was not 100% cookie cutter vs. the old ones, but i t still had the standard "romantic involvement becoming an issue for Spidey all the while the villain knows who he is" kinda dealie.

 Two things, okay three.
One) I thought Andrew Garfield was a better Spidey. His delivery of lines and body language just seemed less stiff and more in character.

 Two and Three) STOP ANSWERING YOUR DAMN CELL ALL THE TIME WHEN VILLAIN HUNTING, and WHO is his cell carrier, because cell reception in a sewer isn't that easy, even if it's near a subway tunnel with repeaters built in.

On a "comical" note I did read a few issues of Avenging Spider-Man and I'm pretty pleased, especially the Cap/Spidey issue.


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