Friday, July 6, 2012

The Stalk and Prince Robot

Even though it is taking me forever to read what has come out already from "Saga" I'm loving this book. It is really hard for me to describe it to people, when I'm trying to get them to read it. But I was given the recommendation from Danielle Brady, another contributor on here. She said. "yeah, you'll like it." So maybe that is what I'll say to other people. Larson posted a sketch of Marco and said it was unintentionally similar to Ted's post. Here is my version of "The Stalk," That unintentionally looks like Jed's. lol. When I got to issue two and saw this character. I was kinda blown away. The design is interesting. And I think this book is not lacking in that. The designs of each character are just amazing. So here you go Larson, you are not the only one.  

I'm pretty much posting this for two people. Danielle was showing me her progress on this piece. And being the bully that I am, I took her drawing and started to finish it out. When I completed it, I told her to sign it. She argued the fact that since I just completely drew all over it and then inked it. It wasn't hers anymore. So just imagine instead of just my name being on there, Danielle Brady's name is near the cape as well. Maybe she signed it in white ink. 

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  1. Why are you jacking my style, James? I am furious with rage.

    Nice job on Prince Robot- he looks very perky and animated.